Shutdown politics return to the Senate
Senators are firing the opening salvos in a new fight over funding the government. With President Trump releasing his first budget request Thursday, both parties are preemptively pointing fingers over who would be responsible if Congress misses a deadline in April to avoid a government...
  ·  The Hill  ·  Mar 17, 2017_  right

Trump Budget Would Abolish 19 Agencies, Cut Thousands of Federal Jobs
With the aim of "making government work again," the Trump White House on Thursday unveiled a $1.1 trillion budget blueprint for discretionary spending in fiscal 2017 and 2018 that would abolish 19 agencies and eliminate thousands of agency jobs.
  ·  Government Executive  ·  Mar 16, 2017_  right

Anxiety, fear, uncertainty mark federal employees awaiting Trump's budget
Take a heap of anxiety, add a chunk of fear, throw in big pile of uncertainty. Mix and boil for a federal employee moral-busting stew, with a bad aftertaste. The main ingredient - the budget plan President Trump presents this week - is sure to be the most distasteful....
  ·  Washington Post  ·  Mar 15, 2017_  right



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